App Developers, Testers & Users

Whether you're an app developer who needs detailed information about a tester's device, or you're just curious about your device, UDIDit makes it simple to retrieve essential device information!


Device Information

Detailed model information includes device type, ID, and name; OS version and build number; screen resolution, and capacity and available space. All this useful information is available in one place.

UDIDit - Device Information

Share Sheet

To share your device information via Messages or Mail, tap the share icon in the upper-left of the Device tab to bring up the share sheet.

UDIDit - Share Sheet

UDIDit Report

A UDIDit Report shared via Mail contains the same essential device information, formatted in an easy-to-read table. Simply fill in the "To" address, and it's ready to send!

UDIDit - Report


Need instructions or want to check what version of UDIDit you're running? Check the Information tab.

UDIDit - Information

Download UDIDit

Download UDIDit now and get the essential device information you need!