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Developed with garment industry professional Kathleen Fasanella of Fashion-Incubator, Fabric Calc is an essential tool for sewn product industry professionals.

“This utility will be invaluable whenever or however you’re sourcing (but especially at fabric shows), costing across the board and even being able to give quotes on the fly. This will be useful for anyone who deals with fabric and product costs, from designers and pattern makers to marker makers and production sewing rooms.” – Kathleen Fasanella

With Fabric Calc, you can:

  • Calculate the yardage needed when purchasing fabric of different widths
  • Compare fabric pricing to see the better buy
  • Calculate varying fabric widths for allocation
  • Convert yards to meters
  • Convert meters to yards

Using Fabric Calc, you won’t need to do the math by hand or remember complicated formulas. Simply enter the numbers into Fabric Calc and it will calculate the results for you. You can even use Fabric Calc at fabric shows or while talking to a vendor on the phone to figure out the best buy!

Are you a pattern maker, designer, marker maker, cutter, purchasing agent, or home sewer? Do you need to convert fabric yardage, compare fabric pricing, or calculate varying fabric widths for allocation? Then you need Fabric Calc!

Get Fabric Calc

Notes regarding calculation input ranges and results:

  • Width conversion calculates yardage based on widths from 32″ to 120″ (in 1″ increments) and yardage between 1 and 100 yds (in 1 yd increments). Estimated New Yardage can be toggled between decimal and fractional result rounded up to the nearest ⅛ of a yard by simply tapping the result.
  • Monetary comparison calculates result based on widths from 32″ to 120″ (in 1″ increments) and prices between $0.01 and $999.99 (in $0.01 increments).
  • Allocation calculates Total Cost based on Per Unit Usage from ⅛ yd to 20 ⅞ yds (in ⅛ yd increments), Quantity from 1 to 100 units (in 1 unit increments), and Price Per Yard for prices between $0.01 and $100.00 (in $0.01 increments).
  • Metric Converter converts from yards to meters based on yards from 0 yds to 100 ⅞ yds (in ⅛ yd increments). Metric Converter converts from meters to yards based on meters from 0 m to 100.95 m (in 0.05 m increments) with fractional yard result rounded up to the nearest ⅛ of a yard.
  • Local currencies supported based on iPhone’s Region Format setting.